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Many years ago an evil sorcerer named Mevolent an Elemental attempted to conquer the world and was opposed by a resistance movement led by a powerful magician named Skulduggery Pleasant who was later killed by Mevolent's right-hand man Nefarian Serpine, but came back to life as a living skeleton and then defeated Mevolent.

Tanith does not work for the Elders who are the leaders of the magical population of Europe because she has a natural distrust of all authority. When Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain request China's help in retrieving the Sceptre of the Ancients although she double-crosses them when the duo retrieve it and keeps it for herself.

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Dexter Vex claims to have taught Skulduggery all he knows about dancing and that before he helped him he was uncoordinated as a turnip. He curbs his vampire nature through the use of a syringe. Some European editions of Mortal Coil contained this story. It does not seem particularly intelligent however.

He is apprehended by Tanith Low and imprisoned but is later freed by Billy-Ray Sanguine who asks him to kill a man working for the Sanctuary in London.

He was appointed by Thurid Guild. But his agent said it was too depressing so Landy said that he would let her live on the condition that he would get to torture her every single book.

He fights the Grotesquery as a spider, but is defeated by being scalped. They also have the Supreme Council to deal with, an allied group of sanctuaries trying to convince the Irish to hand over control after the recent series of catastrophes.

Skulduggery Pleasant novel Twelve-year-old Stephanie Edgley is tired of her boring and miserable life. He has a wife 'Sharon', who never appears, and later on a child too.

Thrasher is portrayed as being dim-witted and is known to disrupt conversations, much to the annoyance of his master Vaurien Scapecrage also a zombie. The Australian release of this novella came with an additional short story titled Just Another Friday Night.

Landy may well revisit these characters — I sincerely hope he does — but it's a pleasingly rounded tale, which is refreshing in these days of endless open-ended books of never-ending series.

All of this poses a credible challenge to Skulduggery and Valkyrie. Instead she merely, as Springheeled Jack says in 'Playing With Fire', "deals out what she calls justice".

Something for everyone and everything for someone, Skulduggery Pleasant is easily my book of the year so far. Set after Playing with Fire, The Muldoons kidnap babies and hold them to ransom.


Derek Landy's debut, Skulduggery Pleasant In Death Bringer, Fletcher and Valkyrie break up when Valkyrie cheats on him with Caelan, leaving him feeling hurt and betrayed. Skulduggery returns Valkryie to her natural self however Valkyrie's reflection secretly kills Valkyrie's cousin Carol and replaces her with her reflection.

Reception and reviews[ edit ] As the first four novels released, immense popularity and positive reviews have been given to the novels. It is a necessity for the ritual to open the portal for the Faceless Ones.

For the rest of the book Valkyrie remains Darquesse. It was re-released in the tour edition of the Australian tour edition. Because if she loses, Darquesse will rise, the world will burn, and everyone she knows and loves will perish.

When Serpine avoids it, he tries to stop him, but his red right hand causes him to fall. Reception and reviews[ edit ] As the first four novels released, immense popularity and positive reviews have been given to the novels.

The Grotesquery has powers of teleportation as well as unfathomable strength. She then reconciles with Fletcher after Caelan attempts to turn her through force. Second series novels[ edit ] Resurrection[ edit ] A lot has changed. Dusk dedicated himself to punishing Valkyrie for this and later captured her and threatened to turn her into a vampire and set her loose on her parents while in her bloodlust.

Springheeled Jack[ edit ] A mage with an obsession with killing, he is named after the legendary London monster, Spring-heeled Jackand acts in the same manner. He did however go on to have numerous torrid affairs with many beautiful women.

Strangely enough, despite his reputation as a worldwide feared mercenary and murderer, Sanguine appears remarkably inept at his profession; apart from killing Vaurien Scapegrace and turning him into a zombie, he has never actually killed someone in the course of the books, and appears to only offer a physical threat to the surprised, the helpless and those without combat training, and is mainly used as a mode of transportation rather than a fighter by his employers.

Scapegrace appears to be emotionally immature. In Kingdom of the Wicked he comes back to help Valkyrie and Skulduggery but it turns out he has a new girlfriend, Myra a mortal and he introduces her to Valkyrie.

An incompetent aspiring serial-killer, Scapegrace seeks to make a name for himself in the world by becoming the greatest murderer of all time, "The Killer Supreme" by the use of his to-be title; however he proves to be utterly inept at killing people. In the 5th book, at the Great Chamber, after Corrival Deuce is elected as Grand Mage, Ravel, along with Skulduggery, is nominated as an Elder by Corrival, despite not wanting to become one.

Skulduggery Pleasant is a series of fantasy novels written by Irish author Derek Landy.

Skulduggery Pleasant

The books revolve around the adventures of the skeleton detective, Skulduggery Pleasant, and a teenage girl, Stephanie Edgley/Valkyrie Cain, along with other friends.

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Skulduggery Pleasant series, Book 1 Stephanie’s uncle Gordon is famous for writing horror stories. But when he dies and leaves her his estate, Stephanie learns that while he may have written horror, it certainly wasn’t fiction.

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Skulduggery pleasant books 1 7
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