Create a book report in a bag

Ideas for Creative Book Report Projects

I also had them add the title and author of their novels. Stover earned a masters degree in education curriculum and instruction from the University of Texas, Arlington and continues to work on a masters in Educational Leadership from University of North Texas.

They also present this information to the class - making sure they give a deep explanation about why the object is significant to the character - not just how it is connected to the book. The student wrote about the main character on the tomato slice.

This activity could be even more fun if two students read the same book. On the top slice of bread, each student wrote the title and the author of the book the student had just finished reading. The back panel has the character's growth throughout the novel.

Then the student creates a word search puzzle that includes the glossary words. The student concludes by awarding a thumbs up or thumbs down on the book. After reading a book, each student creates a picture book version of the story that would appeal to younger students.

Paper Bag Book Reports

Hayden challenged her students to be creative with the "Book in a Each student can choose a partner with whom to play according to the rules of Concentration. Inside the bag kids should have five items that show something from the book.

Then the student turns all 30 cards facedown and mixes them up. Writing and speaking persuasively will be especially difficult if the student didn't like the book. Education World offers 25 ideas that might help you do just that. As you can see, I've got some Suzanne Collins fans in my class - I had 5 different projects on Katniss but from all three books in the trilogyand 3 different projects on Gregor the Overlander a five book series from Suzanne Collins.

The student writes and then delivers a second speech that will persuade other students that they should read the book. The student closes the presentation by offering an opinion and recommendation about the book.

Each student writes a review of the book he or she just finished reading -- in the style of a movie review. Cheers to the weekend!!. Be sure to include a summary or pictures that show the beginning, middle and end along with the characters and settings.

Now, here's where it gets really fun. Acting The book report might include an oral presentation but be sure to give it a creative twist by including singing, acting or even a cheer routine.

And all the ideas will engage students, help make books come alive for them, and challenge them to think in different ways about the books they read. Decorate the trioramas with cutout characters and scenery, one each for the beginning, middle and end of the story then attach them all together, back-to-back in a circle.

Each student presented a "Book in a" project to the class. Book in a Bag Project- A Great Alternative to a Book Report Wednesday, February 6, Just a note: This post was written when I still had a regular classroom! Our Book in a Bag Projects were due today and, oh my, look at the table in our room!

The bags are all so different and so well done!

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Splendid work, great books, great time for sharing. We have a monthly book project and my first one is a paper bag. Since it's the first one, they just put items in the bag for setting, problems, character, etc. I like your idea which just centers on the character.

I have my students do a paper bag book report. They read a book (their choice). Then they decorate a brown paper bag with a scene from the book or draw a picture of the cover (be creative I tell them).

Next they take an item from the story and place it in the bag. BETTER BOOK REPORTS -- 25 IDEAS! Make A Book Report Sandwich! The teacher. 2. Put into the bag important elements from the story, character, setting & plot. You may use pictures, drawings, words or objects.

a. One item that reminds you of the main character b. One item that tells or shows where the story takes place c. One item that tells the central message or moral of the book d.

Book Report: 30 Creative Ways to Respond to Literature Kristen Stull Aspire to Inspire Border art by Buford Girl Create a book in bag. Choose 10 items that represent people, places, events, and other parts of the book.

Place them in a brown paper bag.

Create a booklet or book

Book Report in a Bag 1. Remember to make sure you have a paper grocery bag. 2. Choose an appropriate fiction chapter book that you haven’t already read. (One that is not too easy and not too hard for you.) If you aren’t sure whether your book is appropriate, bring it in and show it to your reading teacher.

3. Read the book.

Paper Bag Book Reports Create a book report in a bag
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